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The issue with lots of the present wave of electronic medical implants is they are made from man-made materials the body has to adjust to. The adaption will go awry sometimes and individuals discover that themselves really rejects the implant and this may lead to a vast selection of health problems. Another problem would be that the implant will have to be fished out once it’s outlived its use. This might require specific skills of the surgeon (costly and time intensive). Silk is a superb and natural material to create the foundation of the electronic medical implant since it breaks lower with time and need not be removed by hand – much like stitching that’s made from cat gut that dissolves with time (generally employed for internal stitches).

Because silk is really a natural material it may sit above biological tissue and won’t irritate the individual putting on the implant. Additionally, it has less probability of denial through the host body since it is an all natural substance. It’s also soft. The initial research this is dependant on was initially targeted at using silk like a substance to assist rebuild muscle tissues which had degraded past the purpose of regular treatment. Silk ended up being to make up the foundation of the support that new flesh or muscle could grow on.

Silk could be coupled with other materials for example silicone electronics, LEDs as well as other enzymes for slow release in to the host’s body. Eventually because the silk breaks lower (the speed which it dissolves could be altered) everything remains may be the other implanted material – with this stage your body might have progressively become acclimatised towards the material also it lessens the probability of the host body rejecting the fabric.

Richard Messinger

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