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Top 5 Reasons to buy Mi Max 2

Aug 1, 2017

It’s July 2017, and opening the range of options on smartphones this discount season is the fabulous Xiaomi Mi Max 2, the updated and adventurous companion to the Mi Max 1. So for those of you out there looking to buy a new phone that’s going to last you a while and can be a handy communication as well as media accessory, here are 5 good reasons to buy the Mi Max 2.

  1. Battery Life:

We’ve all been there. The long ride home, being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and flipping through the endless list of messages, pictures and videos on the phone, only for it to die 15 minutes later. Inconvenient, especially when you need the phone later to get to where you are going, and that’s where the decision to expand the Mi Max’s battery capacity was a stroke of great decision making. Undoubtedly one of the winning arguments for the Mi Max 2 is the fact that it comes with a 5300 mAh battery, easily one of the biggest batteries for phones in this segment, and much more suited to the increased processing power.

  1. Larger Display:

The choices made in terms of upgrading the looks and aesthetics also reveals that Xiaomi is in the smartphone business for the long haul. With users increasingly relying on their mobiles for entertainment, almost all kinds of communication and even for work applications, the increase in display is surely to be appreciated by professionals who are constantly on the move and need their phones for practically everything.

  1. Upgraded Display Quality:

It needs to be said, that it’s not only with regard to size that Xiaomi has invested in making the display more appealing to a demographic that is completely dependent on the phone for their everyday activity. The HD display also has better control of colour temperature, and a wider range of visible colours, making the display more stimulating but stable at the same time. With its eye protection mode, and ‘sunscreen’ mode so that content can be better viewed in strong sunlight, the Mi Max is much better suited for tropical climates with bright sunlit days.

  1. Camera loaded with Options:

At first sight, the camera appears to be normal and comparable to other phones in the segment. However, its clear that much thought and investment has gone into making the experience of photographing with the Mi Max 2 a real experience. With an Ƒ / 2.0 large aperture and 85 ° wide angle, and the capacity forreal-time evaluation of colour valuesthe camera instantly supports taking pictures of larger areas with greater clarity.

  1. Optimised for IoT functionality:

Xiaomi’s products are looking to the future. The phone comes loaded with an incredibly large number of sensors, including an acceleration sensor, distance sensor, ambient light sensor, hall sensor, infrared sensor, etc, among others. This offers the phone the capability to be hooked up to, or be compatible with any other device that has been on the market in the last couple of years, and is perfectly poised to be receptive to internet of things ecosystems that are already gaining a foothold in the market.

Now that you are aware of the top 5 reasons as to why you should buy Mi Max 2 then wait no more. Simply checkout Independence day offers on Tata CLiQ and buy your Mi Max 2 now.


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