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Benefits of using a Smartphone in your business

Jul 21, 2017

Does this seem like something that would have been a great topic to talk about a decade earlier but no longer? Dispel that feeling. Because as it turns out, there are many ways that smartphones can be beneficial to your business, that people have not been talking about before!

Mainstream advantages:

  1. Enjoy Flexibility

The most obvious benefit of introducing a culture of using smartphones to transact your business is, of course, flexibility. Now, you can work while you’re travelling, you can work while on the bus, you can even work while waiting for your order to be delivered! You do not need a place to sit down and open up your laptop with all the attached risks. Integrating some of the tasks in your business into smartphone based apps is not just good sense, it would be ruinous not to! This flexibility affords the business owner the opportunity to maximize the potential of their employees by turning some of the most unavoidable periods of non-work into productive spaces. Employees as well, can find themselves unexpectedly energetic, creative or efficient at a time when they are not at their workstation. Using smartphones in your business affords this amazing flexibility and lets your employees make the most of their time that would otherwise be wasted!

  1. Consistency

By using smartphones for your business, you can also ensure that as far as communications are concerned, your team is using the same technology even while travelling. Across platforms, a business owner has the benefit of ensuring consistency in the kind of software that the team is using when out of the office, or if it is a business that involves most members of the team to be constantly on the go. When your business is using an affordable and widely used brand like Samsung mobile or any other then it will be even better!

  1. The lesser-known benefits

These are, of course, the most well-known of the benefits. What’s less known is that integrating work tasks into smartphones has a more subtle, psychological effect on the stakeholders in the business. Even if not constantly connected, employees and managers feel closer to their work environment and to their work product, increasing a sense of ownership over the business goals and aims. The connectivity that smartphones provides also encourages a more cooperative model of giving and sharing feedback within the business, which is particularly essential if you are a growing business!

  1. Ease in handling business situations

If you are a business that is in immediate contact with your consumers, use of smartphones in the business can revolutionize the way your employees and sales representatives handle customer response and management. Smartphones are equipped with multiple features such as call recording, voice messages, template responses, multiple calls management, etc. These features help employees in being more flexible and proactive in handling client and customer queries as well as discussions.

Finally, when smartphones used to replace the main mode of communication in the workplace, they bring with them a culture of informality and of immediate response that would otherwise be routed through hierarchical channels. Also, latest devices like Vivo smartphones encourage immediate and simple responses, whether it is through simple messaging apps or apps facilitating group conversations.

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