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Vivo V5 vs. Vivo V5 Plus – What company has to offer in both the phones?

May 30, 2017

Mobile companies have been proactive since there has been constant change in technology, design and overall user experience. Every company wants to launch a product which is better than the product of competitors. But sometimes, companies offer two identical products with minute differences and then it becomes really difficult to compare both the products. Vivo has launched Vivo V5 & Vivo V5 Plus at Rs. 15,120 & Rs. 24,499 respectively.

Vivo V5 was launched in November 2016, while Vivo V5 Plus was launched in January 2017. Let’s look upon the differences in specifications and add-on features of both the products:

  1. Display & dimensions –

Vivo V5 Plus is weighed at 158.60 Gms and it makes it slightly heavier than Vivo V5 which is weighed at 154 Gms. Vivo V5 is slightly bigger in size since its dimensions are 153.80 x 75.50 x 7.55 mm as compared to 152.80 x 74.00 x 7.26 mm dimensions of Vivo V5 Plus.

  1. Battery –

Vivo V5 offers battery backup of 3000 mAH while Vivo V5 Plus offers battery backup of 3055 mAH which makes it identical to its predecessor. Vivo V5 Plus offers fast charging that gives it an edge over Vivo V5.

  1. Camera –

Vivo V5 Plus offers 16 MP rear cameras while Vivo V5 offers 13 MP rear cameras. Vivo V5 Plus outshines Vivo V5 Plus on the parameters of front camera since it offers 20 MP front camera Plus 8 MP front dual cameras as compared to only 20 MP front camera of Vivo V5. LED flash integrated in Vivo V5 Plus camera is an added feature that lacks in Vivo V5.

  1. Connectivity –

Both Vivo V5 and Vivo V5 Plus support 4G connectivity but Vivo V5 Plus doesn’t support VoLTE which makes Vivo V5 automatic choice for Reliance Jio users.

  1. Processor and graphics –

While Vivo V5 offers Octa core, 1.5 GHz, Cortex A53 processor and Mali-T860 MP2 graphics, Vivo V5 Plus gets an edge since it offers Octa core, 2 GHz, Cortex A53 processor and Adriano 506 graphics.

  1. Storage –

While Vivo V5 offers 32GB internal memory expandable up to 128 GB, Vivo V5 Plus offers 64 GB internal memory but it isn’t expandable so Vivo V5 gets an edge over Vivo V5 Plus.

  1. FM Radio –

One slight difference but which may prove to very important for FM lovers is the fact that FM radio can’t be tuned in on Vivo V5 Plus. So for all FM music lovers, Vivo V5 is the choice.

As far as parameters like touch screen, rear camera flash and operating system is concerned, both Vivo V5 and Vivo V5 plus stands on the same position. But since most of the times, Vivo V5 offers better specifications than Vivo V5 plus and it is cheaper than the latter, hence Vivo V5 becomes an automatic choice. But for group selfie lovers, Vivo V5 Plus with 8 MP front dual cameras will impress them.

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Here’s How You Can Get Access To Customer Care Numbers

May 28, 2017

As a regular customer, you deal with endless products and brands on every single. At some point, you will need to contact the customer service number for technical and other kinds of queries. While brands are investing heavily in their services and customer care, contacting the numbers is easier said than done. This is exactly where telephone directory services are handy. These are just like old-school directories, except that these are not printed. Online telephone directories are extremely useful for regular users; especially who need brand support time and gain.

Finding the right option

While there are all kinds of telephone directory service, only a few are worth your time. Firstly, it is important to understand how these services work. The parent company typically spends its time and resources in collecting authentic and verified customer number, which will be listed on their website. Besides getting direct access to these numbers, you can also call on the required number. This kind of calling service is chargeable, and the costs can vary with every service. Your primary task is to find a company that’s trustworthy and genuine. The best idea is to check a few websites, depending on the services. You can also check the customer reviews to understand a directory better. Not to forget, you also need to check the call costs, which should be minimal and affordable.

Other things to note

If you are looking for brand customer care numbers, such as sky broadband 24 hour helpline, online directories are useful, but you need to be cautious. The call costs with certain services can be extremely high, and long before you realize, your first call will be charged. You also need to check if the concerned website is easy to use. There’s no point of using a directory, unless you have quick and direct access to frequently needed numbers. The website should have a simple yet effective interface, and if required, you should be able to call or email their customer service.

Over the years, online directories have helped customers in many ways. Of course, you have to pay for these services, especially if you call directly, but keep the hassles in mind otherwise, the price is worth paying. Also, these services ease the process of calling too, and you can find the numbers of even new and emerging brands. Check online to find a telephone directory service in your area now!

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Make Use of WordPress Hosting System To Upload Data

May 6, 2017

Content has become an essential part of the increasing online business ventures. The companies involved in online ventures would understand the benefits and requirement of good content to be successful in their business. Relevant and innovative material has to be updated on the websites to keep the buyers interested in the products. People searching the web are knowledgeable and search for genuine information on the websites. The content management system helps in creating, modifying, consolidating and publishing the data online. WordPress is nothing but a system that helps in publishing the created material on the internet. The purpose of uploading the content online is for other users to read and increase the traffic to the website.

There are several methods that can be used to circulate data on the internet but WordPress is the easiest and reliable method to do it. The person using this system doesn’t require any technical knowledge of the same. The best managed WordPress hosting providers would ensure that the user is comfortable with the system. During earlier times companies used HTML sites to upload their content due to the high costs of CMS. Hiring companies that provided the service required spending thousands of dollars. But with the open source of WordPress now things have gotten easier for even the small time business vendors. Working on the system is easy and convenient and hence people prefer this to other content management systems. While posting content it is necessary to ensure that people are able to view the same. Managing the visibility of the material depends on the person creating it. Using WordPress it is possible to control the visibility of the content depending on the person’s requirement.

Identifying a good hosting provider

The best managed WordPress hosting providers give each and every user the option to protect their contents with a password. It would be necessary for the viewer to type in the password to enter the protected web page and read the material. There are several providers that offer the clients the service of WordPress hosting. They would promise several services that would be based on the client’s requirement. The services offered by the hosting provider needs to be checked before they are hired for the job. The testimonials and the reviews on website of the company would help in understanding the type of service offered to clients. The reliability of the provider is important while considering hiring them for work. Before employing any hosting provider it is necessary to evaluate the needs of the company and the benefits it would generate.

Identifying the right option would require proper study of the hosting provider companies that are highly available. IT is possible for small time business enterprises to create their own blogs using the WordPress system. They need to create content regarding the product they wish to market and then publish it on the internet using the system. They have the option of designing the material based on their requirement. This can either be used on the internet or a single computer. The system is easy to understand and operate single handedly.

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